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Hello! My name is Candace Wingfield. I've been a professional pet sitter since May 2018. I have experience with a variety of different breeds, temperaments, and sizes. I provide physical and mental stimulation in addition to constant reassurance for high-anxiety dogs. I work with leash-reactive dogs, hyperactive dogs, and dogs exhibiting fear-based aggression and I provide compassionate care for pets with various medical conditions such as dementia, blindness, deafness, and urinary incontinence. I send my clients as many photo updates as they’d like as well as constant updates on how each pet under my care is doing. I desire to give my clients ease of mind knowing their pets are in good hands while they are away on their trips. Working with animals brings me so much joy. Our pets give us their never-ending companionship and love. It is my honor to take care of the furry friends that make our lives so much better. I love both people and animals, so I look forward to getting to know all of my clients and establishing lasting friendships with not only the pets I care for, but their awesome owners as well. Reviews and Testimonials:

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