About Us

Paws Inn pioneered cage free pet boarding and daycare in New York City in 1993. Bringing fun and socialization in a safe environment to New York City’s pets while their owners were away. Now, Paws Inn is looking to help ALL pet owners find the best service providers available without the fuss. This is an attempt to benefit the entire pet parent population which aren’t within reach of the Paws Inn physical locations. Our platform tries to keep the costs we transfer to our users to a bare minimum, to attract the maximum range of providers available. Most other online booking platforms charge a significant percentage of the service cost, which leads to most experienced or professional pet care providers not listing on the service. We hope to remove this obstacle and have a platform which incentives everyone to list, and that each user can make an informed decision based on cost, service description, and community ratings.

Although we have been looking after your pets since 1993, we are a brand new platform online. Our online mission statement is to be the best place for pets and people to meet one another. We hope that showing a full range of service providers will allow as many people as possible to benefit from the love that pet ownership brings. We know that pet ownership is a lifelong commitment, and we hope to facilitate that, no matter your pet, or your price point.

PawsInn.com is brought to you by founder, Dennis Nelson, the developer team at HappyFunCorp, and will be supported by the team at the physical Paws Inn locations. Dennis had dogs growing up, but when he moved to London and then New York, felt that it was very difficult to have a dog in such a dense urban environment. Since leaving the world of finance, and getting involved in the pet world several years ago, it has opened his eyes to how easy it can be to own a pet. He wants to make finding these service providers (which exist everywhere) as easy as possible for everyone!

We need your help, sign up, use our services, and tell your friends!